Sewing projects!

As promised, here are the things I'm 'working' on at the moment, sewing-wise:

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And that about wraps it up folks! Don't think I should start anything else till I get these things done! Any tips, ideas, etc I would LOVE to hear because I'm still a sewing noob and am likely to do stupid things. 
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A day of amazing teas! (plus the Beaufort st festival and more)

Today my brother and I were rather hung over after an amazing night out in Mt Lawley at the Beaufort Street Festival (that's the BSF to anyone who's anyone!) - more on that later though. To soothe our aching brains, we decided to spend the day drinking a lot of tea and encouraging others to join us and do the same by creating a facebook group devoted to tea drinking. We only ended up with 7 active members in the day but that was ok. We had fun and drank 6 or 7 different varieties of tea during the course of the day:

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So. That was the amazing day of tea. I was going to post a screencap of the facebook group too but there are already so many pictures here that I thought I should spare you the bother. During the tea-drinking I baked a carrot cake and cleaned the house, so I feel pretty productive. 

Now, on to things of a more cosmopolitan nature! The Beaufort Street Festival! It was basically a day for all the people of the surrounding suburbs to hang out and be cool and get some good deals in stores and be arty. So it suited me well. I bought a cute beaded necklace, which I will photograph at some point, and drank countless cocktails including but not limited to...

Gin Sour
Espresso Martini
Apple mojito (?)
Rose (not a cocktail)

We had a marvellous time, ate delicious burgers, had an ice fight at a swanky bar, got scowled at, dropped beer bottles in front of cops, and generally made fools of ourselves all evening. Went back to my brother's house where we watched strange Dutch arthouse films and talked late into the night. So much fun! How are you all?



 Exam in two days OH SHIT.

Also, new blog post up on The Human Lolita about ethical clothing etc. Have a read. There are so many plugs in my lj it could be a sink factory! :D

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To do - Friday!

Do some damn painting!
Do some damn practice! - Fucking scales!
                                              - Fucking aural!
                                              - Fucking pieces!
                                              - Fucking general knowledge!
Do some damn washing!
Do some damn tidying!
Call the damn doctor! 
Call fucking Jen!
Apply for some fucking jobs!
Fucking hang with David!


I figured if I write my to-do list here I'm bound to see it lol.

Oh and I've been writing posts on my lolita blog every day, please have a look:  The Human Lolita I can't guarantee it's entertaining or anything, but it will make me inordinately happy if you read it!

This makes me sick.

 I am so angry right now. It's one thing when complete strangers are ignorant and horrible, but when you have to deal with these traits in your own friends, it's almost unbearable. One of my friends posted this as her status update on facebook:

" And yet ANOTHER sucide jumper onto train tracks. So selfish and rude :( "
and her friends proceeded to vehemently agree with her and exclaim over how dumb and awful these people were for trying to get attention. I can't believe that in this day and age people would be so ignorant of mental health issues to think that suicide is just selfish martyrdom. Have these people not even considered the possibility that some people live in such intolerable anguish for so many years, despite seeking all the help they can find, that death is the only way they can imagine finding relief? Do they really think there are hundreds of people out there just deciding it would be great for shits and giggles to get themselves crushed to death by a train?

Yes, it hurts others when a person kills themselves. It hurts family and friends and people you don't even know. But I'm yet to meet a depressed individual who hasn't thought "I'd kill myself if it wasn't going to be so harmful to the people around me". Sadly, this thought is usually first and foremost in the suicidal person's mind. And yet their lives are so full of pain that they can see no other way out. By choosing to die, the person has considered the pain they will cause and decided that it's still the best thing to do.

It upsets me enormously that people don't realise that when you have a genuine mental illness, a few sessions with a counselor don't make you better. No matter how much therapy you get, no matter how much support you have, no matter what medications you've tried, there will still be times when everything around you fades into meaninglessness, when your own body feels like it's filled with poison, when you feel nothing but disgust at yourself and your situation, when you would tear your heart out with your bare hands if it would ease the pain. Suicide is never an easy choice. It is never a nasty, horrible thing to do. It is a terrifying last resort to a life of desperation. 

Hearing this ignorance coming from my own friends makes me want to never speak to them again. Have they forgotten I've attempted suicide myself? Do they never listen when I talk about the people I know who are suffering? 

I'm disgusted.
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Style change?

 Oh dear, I woke up this morning and suddenly feel the urge to change styles and go for a more classic-loli look. Does this mean selling all my gorgeous sweet clothes? I don't want to, I'd be so sad! Maybe in the new year or something though, I might start buying some more mature pieces. It's partly because I do really love the classic look, especially sweet classic, but also I guess I'm starting to feel that before I know it I'll start looking like mutton dressed as lamb and that thought really frightens me. I don't want to stop looking super-cute but it's going to happen whether I like it or not, so I may as well 'age gracefully' (heh, it sounds like I'm OLD or something!). Here are a few things I'd LOVE to own:

Hard brimmed bonnets like this are AMAZING. I want one in every colour imaginable.

So much nicer than any parasols made by Baby etc!

This is like the classical equivalent of Milky Chan and just as sweet ^__^ I love the pleats and the bib style.

Ugh, for some reason the rest of the pictures aren't uploading properly, I'll post more pics later. So guys, do you think classic would suit me? I can't be a sweet loli forever! Oh, I noticed there are a lot less classic lolitas around than sweet, why do you think this is?
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The neighbours have moved in next door.
They've installed a fountain,
and it trickles away through the night,
lulling me to sleep,
entering my dreams and waking me to urinate.
I decided to keep a dream journal,
to write down the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up each morning,
but it's the same every day:

"6am, need to pee."

Maybe I'll stop drinking,
and dream of a hidden oasis instead. 

The neighbours have moved in next door.
They watch the football,
they watch their daughter on the trampoline,
they watch the stock market -
they have a preoccupation with circles, it seems.
I send a paper plane
as an ambassador for triangles,
in an arc (the smallest part of which
still suggests a perfect circle),
through my window, into the warm air,
in through their window,
into the path of a champagne flute:

"440hz 440hz 440hz 440440440440440440
SMASH" into a million triangles on the floor.
Three weeks later they're still finding shards
glinting up at them from delicate feet.

The neighbours have moved in next door.
A mother, a father, and a four-year-old girl.
She cries, they fight.
The rent is four hundred dollars a week,
but they work too hard to find the time
to sit in the garden, 
where box hedges close them in for security.

From the window
[my brother taught me a riddle once:
"What does 1+1=?"
"A window"], they could watch the new spring life.
But yesterday they installed roller shutters.
Now no one can enter,
it's two hard to get in,
so they're three to relax
in their urban fourtress.

The neighbours have moved in next door.
I can hear the little fountain splashing,
I can see the trampoline,
I can watch birds build nests in box hedges
and I don't hear the football from their loungeroom anymore.
I had a dream that they moved out again,
maybe they did? 
We'll have new neighbours soon:

number 31 is prime real estate.
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